About the Friends

“Welcome to the Friends of Edinburgh University Library website. I hope you find not only the information you need but discover something about the wonderful resources we have purchased for Special Collections. Each year we put on several talks and a private visit to a special external Library, and if you would like to be part of this please come along and give us your responses and your ideas. We want the Friends to be an active part of the University Library, and the wider University, as well as a group of people sharing something they enjoy.”   Lady Caplan, President

The Friends was founded in 1962 as a recognised charity. We:

  • act as a channel for gifts of books and manuscripts to enhance the Library’s collections
  • purchase, or contribute to the purchase of rare and valuable items which the Library could not otherwise acquire
  • promote and celebrate the reputation of the Library and its collections

Membership of the Friends is open to anyone who would like to support the work of the Library. Please join us!

Current Friends Committee Members:

Joyce, Lady Caplan (Chair)
Mr Richard Battersby (Treasurer)
Lord M. Clarke
Mr Peter Freshwater (Secretary & Talks & Events Officer)
Mrs Louise Gardiner (Talks and Events Officer)
Dr Margaret Mackay
Dr Tom Mole
Professor Steve Yearley

Ex Officio:
Mr Gavin McLachlan, Chief Information Officer and Librarian to the University
Mr Jeremy Upton, Director of Library and University Collections
Mr Daryl Green, Head of Special Collections, Centre for Research Collections

Friends Administrator: Ms Alason Roberts
Editor of The Piper: Mrs Fiona Graham
Website manager: Ms Anne Donnelly


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