Events and meetings in 2017/18:

Please note that members may bring a friend to the Annual General Meeting talk, but for other events any accompanying friend(s) will be invited to make a donation of £5 to the Friends.


Edinburgh Festival Fringe Exhibition Preview


Astronomy Victorious: Understanding Our Universe

Friends are cordially invited to the opening of the summer exhibition at the Main Library, Astronomy Victorious. 

Humans have been fascinated by space for millennia. With objects spanning Copernicus’ 1543 On the Revolutions of Heavenly Spheres, a revolutionary work on the movements of the planets, to Katie Paterson’s contemporary artwork Timepieces, this exhibition charts our fascination with, exploration of, and responses to, outer space.

The exhibition preview is on Thursday July 26th from 17:30 to 19:30.

If you wish to attend the opening please rsvp to

Location: Main Library Exhibition Gallery, George Square, Edinburgh

The exhibition is open to the public as follows:

Dates: 27 July – 27 October 2018

Times: Monday – Saturday 10am -5pm

Cost: Free


Friends may be interested to know about some Library-related events taking place during the Edinburgh Book and Fringe Festivals this year:
There is a major event in the Book Festival on August 11th, which forms part of the Main Library building at 50 celebrations, with Ian Rankin, entitled Liberation of libraries:
There are also four workshops being run by Information Services staff as part of the Book Festival:
The Fringe plays host to Silence in the Archives with Rachel Hosker, as part of the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas:
We hope some of you can manage to attend one or more.


Details of  events during the 2018-2019 season will be posted in late summer.


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